The Journey

Sealed Clutch
Sealed Clutch fitness journey started over 6 years ago, when trying all of those silly fad diets was just that...a fad. Seal Clutch realized there were many other people with the same mentality; who wanted to start a fitness journey yet still be as fabulous as they are! Attending Sealed Clutch events is wonderful. Everyone is free spirited and enjoying life.

BCakeNY is a custom cake studio dedicated to creating specialty cakes for every occasion.
Their mission is to transfer someone's vision into extraordinarily unique and delicious cakes. They will always bring special attention to an event and create the most amazing cakes/cupcakes that will wow everyone. Cup It Up had the pleasure to experience to be creative in the BCakeNY Studio. Enjoy the journey!

Originally Remixed Blogiversary at Hollow Nickel
On Saturday, May 31, 2014, Originally Remixed hosted its first blogiversary event at Hollow Nickel. The goal of the event wasn't just to celebrate the blogs first birthday, but to connect independent brands with the publics why not showcase the talents of my craft and creative friends?
CIU Variety Cake

Pancake Cupcakes
Troystylez Holiday Party
On Sunday, December 14th, 2014, celebrity hairstylist, Troystylez, threw a holiday party at an exclusive location. Cup It Up was honored to cater his event among many others. Follow Troy Stylez on Instagram